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Sandbox games have long gained popularity and have attracted a lot of attention from gamers. On mobile platforms, there are a number of outstanding products, but recently there has been talk of Maxim Karpenko’s game WorldBox Sandbox God Simulator. The game is a boxed world in which you can create and destroy completely to your taste, using nothing but the tip of your finger. The idea in this game is similar to the story of ‘The Sandbox’, but this time it comes with a little change. You will play from a much wider perspective of the vantage point that the game opens up. Of course, with the combination of two genres, sandbox and indie, it will be something exciting and worth looking forward to.

Game NameWorldBox Mod Apk
Android Version4.4 and up
User Reviews4.5 out of 5 Stars
Current Version0.14.5
Last Update1 August 2022
Size100 MB
Google Play

WorldBox v0.14.5 MOD APK

Have you ever wished you could be a god to restore and rebuild the world the way you want it to be? The opportunity to understand that when the “WorldBox – World Ruler Sandbox” gives you the power of a superior being, it comes. Because it is a game that allows you to build everything that you are the creator of the world. This means that you can create civilizations on the planet. These civilizations could develop and improve houses and industries, and in the worst case, fight each other. Your role here is to be by your side and help them survive in battle or in any other way.

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From the bottom of the screen you will find a complete list of tools that you will need to effectively create and destroy each of your worlds. Dec is available to choose from: fertile soil, sand, fresh water, sea water, forests and more. To change everything in your world, select one of these tools and tap the screen. However, you also have the ability to use the other elements listed there to destroy them with thunder, acid rain, and even bombs quickly. If you want to create people, just select the corresponding types, then tap on any field on the map, they will fall off.


Another exciting element that you can introduce to your world is humanity. They build villages and roads by watching people and watch with fear while living independently. You can also throw out several other species, including animals, insects and much more. You can do your best to create and destroy the world from moment to moment. Discover the hidden synergy and surprises as you progress, but above all enjoy these fascinating pixel graphics.

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In WorldBox – Sandbox God Simulator, if you are a good god, this is not just destruction. You can create a life by releasing different creatures in the world like wolves, sheep, zombies and many other creatures. You can also strengthen the alien life in the game by producing UFOs. Life is not only created through reproduction, but can also be restarted by wiping out the old life. All these features make the game great and allow players to create their own world according to their preferences.

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As for this game, each country continues to develop in an effort to become a better, stronger country on the map. As the region expands, new resources and materials will be discovered that will allow the country to increase its technology. This creates better structures and more powerful combat weapons. As the territory expands and the demarcation lines approach each other, the soldiers will begin to confront each other, and before the war breaks out. Both sides will try to invade each other, trying to protect their own borders. Battles can last from a few seconds to several minutes or longer.

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As a god, you have not only the ability to create life, but also the ability to destroy everything that is undesirable. As impressive as watching a simulation, the developer has used hundreds of tools, from grenades to dragons, epidemics to bowling balls. They all allow you to participate in what is happening in your simulated reality. Can you also bring some monsters to the newly created village or kingdom to see how people are trying to fight this terrible creature?

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WorldBox – Sandbox God Simulator follows an older approach to 2D pixel platforms. As you can see, many people are interested in this graphic, and the most obvious proof of this is the fact that the game has been downloaded more than 10 million times. Even so, there are still quite a lot of fire and explosion effects. However, the sounds are taken from the real environment. Thanks to them, you can feel how the destruction began. Of course, WorldBox will bring a great entertainment for your break time. Start experiencing the feeling of a god now!

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WorldBox will bring great entertainment moments for your free time. It’s completely free at this site, you can download the original game via the link below of this article. Start your god experience right now!

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